In ViAGO, we are cause-and-effect junkies. We don’t like foggy logic and we don’t like risk. We want our solutions to be as reliable as gravity. If you let the apple go, it will drop to the ground. If you install a ViAGO productivity solution in your business, output will go up. And if you commission a ViAGO Project, you’ll get guaranteed results.

In ViAGO, we are both innovative and systematic. Here’s how: innovation is continuous, but isolated from the routine, systematic, installation and development projects. We continuously test and develop adjustments to our processes, and then integrate only the proven advances into our productivity solutions.

A few clients volunteer to alpha-test and beta-test any changes (if live testing is required) in order to get earliest access to the improvements, and once things are really cooking, our procedures and systems get updated to include the improvements.


Our team at ViAGO delivers rapid business productivity projects, with techniques that ensure highly reliable, fast, safe installations of organisational change. These techniques are implemented with a key focus on operational behaviours allowing us to sharply accelerate projects that traditionally take 6 to 18 months into just weeks.

ViAGO’s clients’ have unreasonable expectations. And many regard ViAGO as the only consulting firm they can talk to, that treats unreasonable requests as routine.

At ViAGO, we agree it’s unreasonable to expect these things… but we don’t worry about that, and neither should you… ViAGO will deliver to your expectations. We like tough assignments, and we don’t like to fail. We take on the hard stuff, and we win. And with over 70% of our assignments being fixed-price… if it does get unreasonably difficult, no matter for what reason, that’s our problem to solve, no worries for you.



ViAGO people are committed to these 7 points of culture…

  • You are committed to setting ViAGO’s clients and team members free.
  • You are committed to the Vision, Mission, Goals, Rules and Success of ViAGO… the current and future team, at all times.
  • You accept that you are in control of your life, and that you are responsible for your actions and the effects you create.
  • You follow the TIE Rule(TM) and welcome scrutiny when you spend other people’s money.
  • You tell it like it is (communicate the truth).
  • You do not use, nor tolerate, excuses.
  • You make it like you say (deliver to your promises, explicit or implied).
  • You only make agreements you can and will keep, and communicate potential broken promises at the earliest opportunity.
  • You clear up broken promises immediately.
  • You will apologise for upsets… and then seek a solution.
  • You have fun in all aspects of life.
  • You seek ways to make ViAGO more fun – for clients and team members.
  • You are focussed on effects rather than tasks.
  • You are always seeking ways to speed up the delivery of desired effects.
  • You seek to create win/win effects at all times.
  • You always seek to create a bigger pie, rather than seeking a bigger piece of the pie.
  • You always seek simple solutions.
  • You are dissatisfied with the status quo and are always looking for ways to further simplify processes.
  • You learn from your mistakes.
  • You seek system solutions, rather than people corrections.
  • You edify other people (speak positively about them).
  • You are positive and enthusiastic, about people and about life.
  • You do not use, nor tolerate, offensive language, complaining, sarcasm or gossip.
  • You understand that perception is a person’s reality and respect the perceptions of others.
  • You accept that it is your responsibility to communicate clearly.
  • You greet and farewell people by name.
  • You discuss concerns about a person in private with the person involved.