A ViAGO consultant is disruptive! They change paradigms and behaviours where ever they go…

You cannot think like an employee and succeed here.

You cannot behave like an employee and succeed here.

You must hunger for more than that to succeed here.

ViAGO consultants do not earn the big $ by providing employee like capacity.

ViAGO consultants earn the big dollars by transforming businesses, systems, policies, and lives.

As a ViAGO consultant you will be trained in, and become fluent in, the implementation of productivity and process flow improvements into businesses. You will command the respect of clients through your ability to communicate a greater understanding than the client has of the dependency between what their people do, what their departments focus on, and the business outcomes they are achieving.

The role of a Consultant with ViAGO is culturally unusual. We go on assignments in multiple countries and to join us you will need to demonstrate high levels of integrity and self-driven behaviour. You will be an entrepreneur who leads clients through you own behaviour and wisdom. You will not accept the excuses people make to justify their lack of action. You will leave businesses in a much better state than when you arrived.

Within the ViAGO team there are three major paradigms that bind all of us together.


  • Mission – Team – Individual
  • Leverage everything
  • Money comes from customers

People that join us only do so because they see ViAGO as a vehicle through which they will prosper.

Expect to be challenged. You will be under pressure to communicate clearly, and to have precise and straight conversations even when you would rather not. Behaviourally you will be an effects focused person, and you will speak and think in terms of deep causality.

Calling yourself a consultant is easy. Being a great consultant is hard. In your first year you will be asked to master cold calling, project management and ‘landing with deep footprints’. Whilst you learn how to be a great consultant you will undertake many business building and support initiatives. You will go on client sites and act as a number two to a senior consultant. You will be expected to turn into content your learning so that the next person to join is accelerated by your excellence.

We would prefer you to be a recent graduate, however this position could be available to the right current student as well.

  • You will have excellent written and verbal English (fluency in a second language is beneficial)
  • You will be self-driven and will maintain your effectiveness when operating without direct oversight
  • You will have excellent cognitive ability, a passion for deductive reasoning and be skilled in the use of Microsoft Office
  • You will be a person who values their personal integrity and acts on feedback from their mentors

We are looking for the next senior consultant, but you have to start at the bottom and prove yourself. Any industry experience that you can bring to the table will be beneficial as there are quite a wide range of industries that ViAGO services.

Your first year with ViAGO involves a lot of self-learning, training whilst doing, provision of sales and delivery support, and the advancement of the internal projects necessary to grow the business. In this way you will learn the skills necessary to succeed.

For this role you will join as an independent contractor. As you demonstrate your competence your deployments will increase. This position will involve engaging with business owners, managers, and operators. You will need a valid passport as you will likely be asked to operate internationally.

A successful Junior consultant must be able to work independently, must act have integrity, be engaging, accept performance feedback, and be motivated to succeed. Are you that person?


This role is an effect based engagement consisting of multiple fixed price deliverables. A successful Junior consultant will be a person who increases their earnings by improving their ability to deliver more effects faster and faster (the creation of leverage)


  • Please provide a Cover Letter
  • Please provide a CV
  • Please outline your previous work experience
  • Please provide details of any previous criminal convictions


  • Do you have a drivers licence (required)
  • Do you have access to a vehicle (desirable)
  • Do you speak any other languages (required)