Learn powerful proven skills and tools for selling, based on well researched human behaviour.

The workshop is designed to introduce and build fluency in new sales craft skills and tools; enabling faster closing and higher value sales propositions. As a Sales person you will learn the tools, practice the skills, extend your use with fluency exercises, and finally reap the benefits in the field.

Tools and Outcomes

5 Layers Logo

The 5 Layers of Resistance

Outcome: Sales people will improve their ability to identify the buyer’s current position in the sales cycle and accelerate them through the cycle.

Tool: The tool identifies 5 Layers buyers go through when considering a purchase and teaches participants to sell to the specific layer; reducing buyer resistance and accelerating the sale.

Clouds Logo

The Evaporating Cloud

Outcome: Sales people will be able to identify conflicts and create win-win solutions, aligning buyer and seller objectives.

Tool: The tool teaches a simple diagram, easily drawn in a meeting, which shows the conflicting requests/desires of each party and the needs driving these requests. The tool then challenges our assumptions allowing both parties to build a solution which meets both of their needs.

Pain Chains

Outcome: Sales people will be able to diagram and/or portray the interplay between issues in the customer’s business and how those issues both feed each other and create confusion over the real base level problems.

Tool: The tool uses a simple diagram to clearly show the cause and effect relationship of sometimes seemingly independent issues. This allows salespeople to demonstrate more value to the customer by exposing how the solution solves multiple issues.

Bricks and Mortar

Outcome: Sales people will be able to rapidly build trust and a track record of integrity.

Tool: The tool teaches participants steps to rapidly build trust in customers through a series of small and accurate communications.

  1. Layer 1 – Problem Identification
  2. Layer 2 – Solution Creation
  3. Layer 3 – Avoiding Negative Outcomes
  4. Layer 4 – Overcoming Obstacles
  5. Layer 5 – Receiving Approval
  6. Evaporating Clouds
  7. Pain Chains
  8. Bricks & Mortar
  9. Advanced Evaporating Clouds
Leave Behind Results

Upon completion of the final competency test and approval by a ViAGO expert you will receive a certification of completion for the workshop.

This gives you confidence that you have sufficiently grasped the concepts and will be able to further develop your skill in the field.

Pricing Options

$250 – Single user

$200 – Per user when purchasing 10 or more

‘All You Can Eat’

$25 per month per user. Includes unlimited access to all courses available as well as other resources not available for individual sale.

If you would like to understand more about how our Online Workshops are built, Please see here. Here we explain the reasons we have chosen online workshops, how we have constructed the workshops, and the theory behind effective learning we have deployed to make our online workshops as effective as possible.