Peter Cronin


Peter is a Director of ViAGO International’s Australian operations and a course/workshop Presenter.

Peter Cronin specialises in working with fast-growing tech companies (and others) to scale performance faster than costs.

Peter is endlessly fascinated by the innovative ways people are able to create real solutions to ‘unbreakable’ business problems using the principles that he teaches.

Peter has been a part of the team ever since conducting a ViAGO sponsored research report while completing his Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours at the University of Waikato. Upon graduating he grew an understanding of real world business through interviewing over 150 business owners and managers.

ViAGO’s rapid install and focused training approach has given Peter many exceptional deployment and change experiences in a short space of time.

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Mirta Fagundes dos Santos


Mirta is a New Zealand based Director of ViAGO International.

Mirta’s interests lie in continuous process improvement with emphasis on behavioural science.

She received a B.Com degree in International Business, followed by a B.A degree in Languages, both from The University of Auckland. Shortly after, in 2004, Mirta joined the ViAGO team and has been a director since 2014.

Mirta has assisted in the implementation of business improvement initiatives in 50+ businesses across New Zealand and Australia.

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Ben Gorringe


Ben is a Director and Senior Consultant. He started with ViAGO six years ago after spending 5 years at the University of Waikato obtaining a Bachelor of Management Studies (Hons 1st Class).

Ben’s main role and interest is in process and productivity improvement. He works with clients, focusing on their policies, processes, and people in order to improve operational productivity and flow. Having worked with organisations who are really struggling through to those that are market leading, Ben believes that a focus on productivity is beneficial for almost every business.

When not working on projects Ben is building and managing much of ViAGO’s new and exciting online learning platform, which will make much of its training services more affordable and accessible to current and future clients.


Peter Thorby


Peter is a Chartered Accountant in Public Practice in Christchurch.

Peter commenced practice in 1988. He has a fond interest in manufacturing, and was the CEO of the family furniture business, Debonaire Products Limited from 1995 to 2003. At its height, Debonaire employed 100 people in Waimate, a small rural South Island town.

It was in this environment that Peter gained insights and knowledge with business management, in particular, workflow management. Much of this knowledge was gained when Debonaire employed ViAGO Limited to assist with workflow practices and behaviours.

Outcomes such as a halving of WIP, a reduction of inventory of 33%, internal lead times reduced by 75%, and all within 3-6 months made Peter sit up and take notice.

In 2014, a new company was established, ViAGO International Limited, and Peter is a director and shareholder.

Peter has a strong interest in classic motorsport, and is the treasurer of The Canterbury Car Club, a very significant provider of motorsport infrastructure in Canterbury.


Bryce England


Bryce England is an Executive Director and the Master trainer at ViAGO. He has responsibility for designing new products and services, improving the efficacy of training transitions, and implementing ViAGO’s suite of services. Bryce specialises in project management and the buffering of business performance from the adverse effects of uncertainty and variability.

With a Master’s degree in physics and 20 years immersion in the application of business cause and effect. Bryce has a fundamental interest in implementing solutions that solve business performance issues rapidly, with little risk. Bryce adheres to the view that a change project should deliver a 10:1 return on investment.

Bryce lives in Hamilton, New Zealand with his wife and two boys. His pastimes include Kayaking, Carpentry and a lifelong interest in Karate.