client case study


client case study


client case study


In conjunction with ViAGO and OrangeLime Consulting we implemented CargoWise One productivity tools and TOC throughout the business. Thus far results have been very positive and we have seen a lot of our initial pain points disappear or substantially reduced. We see this as a new foundation to build on though so the journey does not end with the initial solution. The initial solution is what will allow us to evolve… Read More

client case study


The flow tools ViAGO helped us with, have been massive. Sometimes, going back to basics to solve complexity is a wonderful thing. In summary, VISIBILITY is what does it for us… Read More

customer case study


Marco Boats is a Kiwi-owned designer and manufacturer of high-quality aluminium boats suited to both family boating and serious fishing. We offer a range of boats, from 4m to 9m+, and can even fit out custom boats according to your specialised needs. As well as being at the cutting edge of alloy boat manufacturing, the experienced team at Marco Boats is able to help with all repairs, alterations and aluminium fabrication work…. Read More

customer case study


“Like most freight forwarders Mainfreight has always sought out ways to improve the efficiency of our operations. This is a continuing process that will never end. However we can often fall into making process changes on the fly because of a shipment being missed or a service failure that should not have happened.” Read More…


G W Scott & Associates are chartered accountants based in Cambridge.  In our industry there is increasing pressure to lower our prices; leading some of our competitors to outsource their processing offshore, where labor rates are extremely low. Clients expect to pay the minimum amount of tax and be safe from IRD audits. Accounting work is also very seasonal, which means a huge influx of work around financial year end and inconsistent cash flow… Read More


Logfret International Logistics discusses the benefits their company has seen since adopting WiseTech Global’s Productivity Suite.

This implementation was the first of its kind, a result of successful collaboration between ViAGO International and OrangeLime Consulting.