Did you listen to the Doug Avery story?

If not, please do so now.




If the business constraint is water, and we couple the subordinate business decisions to the management of the scarce water resource in order to have a sustainable farm.

See if you can identify the decisions taken that you would consider have been “subordinated” to the “identify the constraint” decision.


Too often, the subordination activity is missed, or the importance of it is missed, and business improvement is nigh on impossible.


Often, we find the best subordination decisions fly in the face of ‘normal practice’. But not doing this just gets you more of what you got before and that seems unwise! But, we keep doing the same over and over and over….typically until there is a crisis!


Listen to the story!


Are you at a crisis point?

Do you not want to end up in a crisis, but can see the business heading that way?


Peter Thorby