Hamburg, Germany: 16 Feb 2020: Black Belt in Thinking Programme (BBIT)

Sydney, Australia: 15 Mar 2020: Black Belt in Thinking Programme (BBIT)

Sydney, Australia: 27 Feb 2020 Beyond Agile – 1 day workshop

All course/event dates are subject to change, please Contact us if you wish to register, or for more information.

Feb, 2020 – Black Belt in Thinking (BBIT) course, Sydney

Due to the unfortunate bush fires in the NSW area, and our usual BBIT venue being affected, we were forced to find an alternative venue for the February BBIT.

All very last minute, but Pullman, at the Sydney airport housed and fed us, and enabled the course to go ahead.

A great time was had by all, with some memorable ‘Juan-liners’ produced!

November, 2019 – Black Belt in Thinking Course, Hamburg

Testing out the shorter version of BBIT this course! Always improving, and making the experience better for the delegates.

We are officially down from an 8 day course to a 6 day course!!! Delegates were none the wiser, which is the true test of how well the shorter course ran. No glitches, and outcomes as promised for all!

Bring on 2020 when we double the number of courses we run in a year!

Oct, 2019 – Black Belt in Thinking (BBIT) course, Sydney

This month’s delegates were spoiled with having three awesome presenters all to themselves (normally we have only two presenters per course)…

Congratulations to our 2nd and 3rd Dan delegates for taking on the course and developing their Black Belt in Thinking fluency further!!!

September, 2019 – Black Belt in Thinking Course, Sydney

Off to a shaky start, with fears that a delegate has been eaten by a wombat, the instructors getting themselves locked out of their sleeping quarters, and the renovations of the venue looking to be a disruptor… BUT despite it all, a memorable BBIT, with remarkably fast CRT sessions and run through analysis!

(Spoiler alert: the aforementioned delegate was found well and alive)

September, 2019 – Black Belt in Thinking (BBIT) course, Hamilton

This was a dedicated course up-skilling our Hamilton office peeps…Surviving on sugar and caffeine the ViAGO New Zealand team pulled off an epic BBIT!

August 2019 – Black Belt in Thinking Course, Sydney

Trialing new digs this BBIT. But despite the ongoing construction, and resulting, close, living quarters, we had a blast!

July, 2019 – Black Belt in Thinking (BBIT) course, Sydney

A dedicated BBIT near Sydney.

5 delegates, 7 days, 2 course presenters makes for another amazing BBIT experience.

June 2019 – Black Belt in Thinking Course, Sydney

Einstein is reported to have said that if he only had one hour to solve a problem he would spend 55 minutes defining the problem, and the remaining 5 minutes solving it. This is exactly where the focus is at during a BBIT; the problem!

Another successful course at Berry!

May/June, 2019 – Black Belt in Thinking (BBIT) course, Auckland

A dedicated BBIT was held in Auckland, over two weeks.

The organisation in attendance, whose purpose is to empower and enable their community, showed us what it really means to be passionate about one’s work. We have no doubt these guys will be tackling some worthy problems, and can’t wait for them to get back to us with their success stories.

May 2019 – Black Belt in Thinking Course, Sydney

A tech start up and an established software giant join forces at this BBIT, as they design their own paths to grow, and tackle the obstacles along the way.

We are also taking the opportunity to train new BBIT deliverers, to cater for the increased demand for the course. Bring on two BBITs this month, in two countries!

April, 2019 – Black Belt in Thinking (BBIT) course, Sydney

Delegates from UK and Australia joining us at our Berry venue as we reformat the course. We now have Druids and Zombies joining the thinking process tool-set, as we simplify and speed up the course.

February 2019 – Black Belt in Thinking Course, Hamburg

Snowing, yes, snowing in Germany during this course. Beautiful backdrop for our BBIT!

A very special BBIT, with last two days being an invite-only event discussing strategies that fueled one of our clients’ productivity and growth for over a decade, causing them to achieve Viable Vision type results!!!

Over 2 dozen delegates from all over Europe joined us for this special BBIT, that will no doubt leave an impact on how we view our businesses and define what is possible.

February, 2019 – Black Belt in Thinking (BBIT) course, Sydney

Fun fact: English phrase ‘when pigs fly” does not translate too well to Brazilian Portuguese or Argentinian Spanish. We learned this the hard way at this BBIT with a few delegates from Latin America questioning the idiom… It seems in Latin America it is not pigs that fly, but actually cows! Or they “cough” as is the case in Brazil…

As they departed Australia, at the end of the course, the delegates ironically encountered pigs hanging (read: flying) at the Sydney airport, representing Chinese New Year of the Pig. Priceless!!!

December, 2018 – Black Belt in Thinking Course, Sydney

First time in over 4 years we had a 3 Dan delegate on the course! Bruce Cronin, made the trip from Tauranga, New Zealand to take on the Black Belt course for the 3rd time and is now well on his way to be a master trainer in the critical thinking processes. Well done Bruce, not many dare to take the journey!


November, 2018 – Black Belt in Thinking (BBIT) course, Sydney

A dedicated company BBIT this time around, with a single ViAGO intruder (BBIT is the quickest way to get new ViAGO recruits trained up in the arts of solution design and problem solving)

This time we were literally up in the clouds… Just as well we teach the Evaporating Cloud tool on the course!

Learn more about this and other Black Belt in Thinking Course tools.

October, 2018 – Black Belt in Thinking Course, Hamburg

We returned to one of the most enchanting venues in Europe!!! Beautiful Schloß Tremsbüttel GmbH provided the perfect space for our 10 delegates, from 6 different countries around Europe, to meet and tackle seemingly unsolvable problems!


December, 2017 – Black Belt in Thinking (BBIT) course, Sydney

3 companies joined us in The Blue Mountains, Australia for another fun filled course.

Delegates were introduced to some new PQ model simulations, courtesy of Bryce England’s genius. We had raging debates, management meetings galore, and long winded discussions on how to run the simulated business. In the end we all learned a bit about maximising revenue and smoothing the operational flow.

Learn more about our Black Belt in Thinking Course.

November, 2017 – Black Belt in Thinking Course, Hamburg

First ever BBIT in a castle!!! Beautiful Schloß Tremsbüttel GmbH was no distraction however for our 7 keen delegates getting their black belt in thinking!

And joining everyone in the 21st Century, we are testing out the use of touch pads over printed course-ware material…

July, 2017 – BBIT-In-House

The Whale Team learn Black Belt.

In a week dedicated to self improvement and innovation Whale welcomed Peter Cronin from ViAGO International to work in their office for a six day course in understanding the art of the Black Belt in Thinking Course.

May, 2017 – Workflow Productivity Workshop, Sydney

Workflow Productivity Workshop in progress, with Shane D’Aprile from OrangeLime Consulting – it is a full house in Sydney learning about the next generation of workflow management solutions!

May, 2017 – CBAFF, Napier
A few days have passed since the CBAFF Annual Conference in Napier, NZ. ViAGO was on hand to meet with you and answer any questions on how to use technology and software applications to realize dramatic improvements in business productivity.
ViAGO’s Bryce England ran an hour-long event for businesses looking to identify where they rate among others in the industry in terms of business productivity, and to develop a plan to improve competitiveness.
WiseTech Global CEO Richard White also spoke about the latest technology trends influencing software development in logistics industry.

May, 2017 – AFIF, Gold Coast

Another amazing AFIF Conference at the beautiful RACV Royal Pines Resort in Gold Coast, with the WiseTech Global team… It was nice to see many of you stop by, say hi and get a Productivity Health Check done!

Highlight was James Powell – Chief Productivity Officer at WiseTech Global, hosting a breakfast session with many interesting conversations to be had with freight forwarders looking to increase productivity.

And of course worth a mention is that ViAGO walked away with the HLB Mann Judd Trophy for the annual “Hot Lap Challenge” – female division 🙂

May, 2017 – Black Belt in Thinking (BBIT), Sydney

Keen thinkers from all over the Southern & Northern hemispheres once again met up in Australia for an intense week of putting their brains to work and expanding their logical thinking abilities.

Participants did some pre-course work this time around with choosing a subject area where their issues (problems) are concentrated, and then used the 8 days to really drill down to a ‘core problem’ underlying the majority of the issues. The participants then worked to create a ‘future fixed state’ and the road map for how to get from their current reality.

February, 2017 – Productivity Lunch, Auckland

At this BYO lunch event we got together with our peers to have useful discussions about productivity, what it means to different people, and what has or hasn’t worked in the past.

Our goal was to have you take away some useful and deployable ideas to help you take the next step on the productivity journey… and we think we did just that! (tap on the back)…

February, 2017 – Black Belt in Thinking (BBIT), Sydney

“It like having a candle to look at your room and now someone installed a light bulb… More things I notice and in more details… Thanks to BBIT.” Tammy Hamawi, Chief Sales Officer, WiseTech Global

“Thank you again for the BBiT experience. I truly believe I’ve participated not a moment too soon. Had it not been for the training and tools received in Katoomba with you guys, I would not have been able to return to work and cope as seamlessly with some key staffing changes, a surge in project work / communications, and other personal stresses that happened while I was out. BBiT TP’s helped me cut out the ‘white noise’ that would otherwise have distracted me from investing my time wisely and hitting the most important challenges at work and delivering the highest impact.” Jennifer Killian, GM of Marketing, WiseTech Global

February, 2017 – Productivity Lunch in Logistics, Sydney

This was a fun lunch get-together… We discussed some of the more popular process improvement methods (Lean, Theory of Constraints, Kanban) and how they do and don’t apply to forwarding, customs brokerage, transport and logistics; looking forward to many more of these events!


December, 2016 – BBIT, Chicago

Quite a challenge shaping and transforming minds in subzero temperatures, but very exciting to hold the first ever Black Belt in Thinking training in USA.

November, 2016 – BBIT, Auckland

What do a media company, an IT giant and an NGO contractor have in common?

They all joined us at the November BBIT. First time at the stunning new location in Auckland – Northridge Country Lodge!

October, 2016 – Business Breakfast, Auckland

Biz Success Events are industry information events hosted by Drake International along with other organisations to provide you with the most relevant information and tool kits to face the current and future challenges and opportunities of your industry.

In October ViAGO’s Mirta Fagundes dos Santos was one of the presenters on the topic of Rapid and Safe Growth.

Black Belt in Thinking July 2016

July, 2016 – BBIT, New Zealand

Delegates this time around included a manufacturing company from Christchurch, government agency from Dunedin, fashion retailer from Sydney and a cloud computing company from Sydney.

Unfortunately this BBIT we say goodbye to our lovely “home away from home” Hillside Resort in Huntly.

Hillside has been our resident BBIT venue for over a decade, but as circumstances would have it we now have to move on and find a new venue.

Watch this space!

May, 2016 – BBIT, New Zealand

Another transformational Black Belt in Thinking boot camp was held, where participants live and breathe their businesses for 8 days.

The Boot Camp delivers these outcomes:

-To learn the Thinking Processes and the behaviour shaping Performance Management tools

-To align the efforts and effects of the functional areas of your organisation

-To develop a solution for a subject area, for which no generic solution already exists

Black Belt in Thinking May 2016

May, 2016 – Auckland Chamber of Commerce – The Marketplace Expo

Mirta Fagundes dos Santos and Yan Lin of ViAGO manned ViAGO’s expo stand at The Auckland Chamber of Commerce Marketplace Expo. This was a great opportunity to connect with over 200 other local businesses and showcase our popular productivity workshops. The guest speaker of the night was Andrew Sharp, CEO of Bobux International Ltd.

The three winners of our book prize draws are: Leanne Moss from The Exporter, Philip Hughes from Drake, and John Cook from the International College of Auckland. We hope you enjoy the read!

May, 2016 – AFIF, Coffs Harbour

This was ViAGO’s second invitation to the Australian Federation of International Forwarders, extended by WiseTech Global, the platinum sponsor of this much anticipated industry event.

The annual conference kicked off with 18 holes of golf at the beautiful Bonville Golf Resort and much fun was to be had in anticipation of the many superb presentations awaiting us over the 2 day programme.

We were challenged and inspired by the many speakers covering topics ranging from compliance and integration, to innovation and new technologies in the industry. The highlight however was the discourse by the Guest Keynote Speaker – Max Walker, a former Australian cricketer.

We hope to see you there next year!

May, 2016 – Critical Chain Project Management (Advanced Course), Sydney

Bryce England, ViAGO’ resident CCPM Guru presented this 2 day workshop in advanced project management training.

The 8 participants have returned to do the Advanced course in project management with residual fluency from the Basic course completed in March. They have learned to identify project risk at a glance and know what to do about it by constructing fast, viable project recovery plans.

April, 2016 – Black Belt in Thinking, Johannesburg

Back in South Africa for another BBIT held in the beautiful Johannesburg.

The delegates have completed their analysis of their subject area’s current reality. They have seen how the policies and measures in their businesses cause the negative effects they are experiencing… and they have built breakthrough solutions to transform their current realities into desired futures.

Now they’re off to implement their solutions in their businesses!

February, 2016 – Black Belt in Thinking

‪It was “Full House” at the February BBIT, with over a dozen delegates from 4 countries and 3 different continents!!!

We are now finding that existing clients like to use the event to problem-solve or do a quick analysis for a few days, before going back to their businesses to implement. At this course we had a couple of directors do just that… Hillside Hotel, our resident BBIT venue in New Zealand is remote enough to give you peace and quiet to focus on the problem at hand, yet you still have experts (BBIT presenters) on call ready to help you if you get stuck.


October, 2015 – Workflow Productivity Workshop

Another first in South Africa was a Workflow Productivity Workshop hosted at CompuClearing’s facilities in Johannesburg.

For some of our eager participants this would be the third part of a learning journey following on from the Black Belt in Thinking and Sales Craft Workshop. Even though it had been a highly productive and intense past two weeks for those participants and the ViAGO team, the WPW once again delivered a ‘wow’ effect.

The purpose of this course is to shed light onto a new way of looking at an age old problem of managing workflow effectively to maximise productivity.

October, 2015 – Sales Craft Workshop

‪It is the first sales craft workshop in Johannesburg. Peter Cronin and Ben Gorringe were excited to represent ViAGO and flew over to train attendees in South Africa.
The workshop aims to help participants systematically build trust, navigate conflict and move to collaboration. They have learned the practical approaches about how to match the buyer’s ‘layer’ to flow smoothly through the sales cycle and draw out the true problems and pain points driving the buyer’s negative symptoms.

The ViAGO team thoroughly enjoyed delivering this training, and is looking forward to seeing the result of putting practical sales tools into people’s hands to deploy into the field immediately.

October, 2015 – Black Belt in Thinking, Johannesburg

The first ever Black Belt in Thinking camp outside New Zealand, it was happening in Johannesburg, South Africa over nine long days and short nights!

The CompuClearing team has put massive effort into organising the BBIT Boot Camp and proved that they are able to facilitate a successful boot camp as good as in New Zealand.

After stepping out their realities in very clear cause and effect diagrams the participants get a great understanding of other staff members, departments, and even companies reality. This causes extremely fast and effective synchronization of the solutions developed later in the course leading to a more robust change for their respective companies as the graduates return to the office to implement their breakthrough solutions.

Of big note to the ViAGO team presenting the course was the intense enthusiasm from the participants, not only excited of what the course held for them, but that the BBIT had made it all the way to South Africa. With a course like that ViAGO is already booking more in South Africa for 2016!

October, 2015 – CBFCA, Sydney

The 2015 Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia (CBFCA) National Conference was held in Sydney, New South Wales. ViAGO, was there as a WiseService Partner and part of WiseTech Global’s continuing commitment to “Productivity at Center of Everything”. As such, while at the conference we focused on workflows and efficiency as applied to the forwarding industry.

Also joining us at the exhibition stand was Shane D’Aprile from OrangeLime Consulting. With over 15 years experience in the International Freight Forwarding and Logistics arena, Shane was a real asset to have at the event.

With such a successful conference this year, we can’t wait to see what CBFCA have in store for us next year!

September, 2015 – Workflow Productivity Workshop, Sydney

For the first time in Sydney a Workflow Productivity Workshop was held, presented in conjunction with OrangeLime Consulting.

Participants from logistics, software, and accounting companies arrived extremely keen to learn how they could change the way they manage the flow of work in their own companies to decrease costs and increase productivity. Many of the participants were also very interested in how they could use this new found knowledge to benefit their clients businesses, both through delivering more value to them and through helping their clients to improve their own productivity.

September, 2015 – Black Belt in Thinking

Keen thinkers from all over the Southern hemisphere once again met up in New Zealand for an intense week of putting their brains to work and expanding their logical thinking abilities.

Participants bring with them a problem area, and not a small one; for many ‘my job’, ‘growing my business’, or ‘my department’, is the area for which all problems, issues, or undesirable effects are analised to drill down to a ‘core problem’ from which participants work to create a ‘future fixed state’ and the roadmap for how to get from the current reality of the issues to the future state.

July, 2015 – Workflow Productivity Workshop, Chicago

After such a successful workshop earlier in the year the ViAGO team was back, this time joined by OrangeLime Consulting to co-present the workshop.
Two days of participants using a computer modeller to simulate various management techniques in the pursuit of productivity left everyone with new ways to look at how they manage their workflow processes and big breakthroughs for many.

July, 2015 – Black Belt in Thinking

Another productive, mind-shaking course has been completed by 7 insightful attendees.  The participants from Software Development, Media, and Local Government  have gone through this interesting journey together and left with mind-changing thinking.

Over eight days, the participants developed a break through solution in their chosen subject area through learning and applying effective problem analysis, solution, and implementation tools. After another fantastic BBIT course everyone is excited to share their break through solutions with their organisations and begin implementation on Monday! We can’t wait to see more participants tackle and solve their unique subject areas with innovative solutions again at the next Black Belt in Thinking boot camp in September.

May, 2015 – Black Belt in Thinking

11 Attendees from three countries, five businesses and a Second Dan attendee, what a course! A fascinating diverse range of subject areas (and subjects that can have huge impacts on lives) were the standouts of this BBIT.

One of these subjects was that of a Trust, whose purpose is to change the lives of its stakeholders by empowering them to create and grow their own businesses, allowing them both mental and financial freedom they may not achieve otherwise.

Another was a lecturer from a Sydney University who is driven to find, and develop, the best techniques for creating real value for the students. The BBIT has helped achieve this in two ways… Firstly, the analysis of the core problem in the way students are guided to learn was done, and secondly, access to a range of powerful problem solving tools was made available for students to incorporate into their studies. This will give the students an effective way to deploy the theory learned through a practical medium.

Finally, our Second Dan analysed five other businesses during the eight days, and is now meeting with the owners and managers to share his discoveries.

Overall another fantastic course, bring on July!!

May, 2015 – AFIF Conference, Brisbane

Another first for ViAGO this year was the attendance at the Australian Federation of the International Forwarders (AFIF). This Annual National Conference is a key calendar event for the freight and logistics industry in Australia, where Service providers come together to learn about the latest developments and trends in the industry and to network and engage with other industry members.

As a WiseService Partner, ViAGO was invited to share an exhibition stand with WiseTech Global, OrangeLime Consulting and Nomad Partners.

Highlights of the conference this year were James Powell’s talk on “Productivity Inevitability” and the AFIF Ambrose Golf Tournament.