At ViAGO, we like to get paid to deliver effects.

And particularly to deliver effects that you cannot do yourself, or it would be uneconomic for you to do so (because our skills and experience make us faster and more effective).

We DO NOT want to get paid because we “know a secret”. Or worse, because we have kept a secret from you. We would rather not get paid for activity; we believe activity-based payment leads to more activity with (perhaps) less outcomes… and that’s the opposite of leverage.

So we like to get paid to deliver a “DONE Statement”

You decide what DONE looks like, and we deliver that.

You can engage our services in any of FOUR modes:

  • Education
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Projects

Consulting is: “spending time with you to cause an effect for you”. When you buy consulting, we spend time with you to remove an obstacle, to unblock your thinking, or to progress a project under your control.

Projects are: “executing a plan to deliver a commercial outcome”.Projects can include guaranteed and unguaranteed outcomes, and typically deliver very clear commercial outcomes.

To contrast consulting and projects, consider: who has control? With consulting you are the pilot and we are the engineers; we tell you what you need to know to do your job effectively, you make the decisions. With projects, we are the pilot and you are the co-pilot; we are making decisions (within the project scope) and control the deployment of resources and outcomes. You can “take the controls” at any time, of course, however you prefer not to; you are paying us for our fluency and expertise.