People are expensive, possibly even the most expensive part of running a team, department, or business.

If you are a manager or owner, it makes sense to enable your people to be as effective as possible.

If you are an employee you want to maximise your value to the organisation and stand out from you peers.

As you already know, learning and developing new skills is a great way to achieve the above, but time and cost can be an obstacle.

The answer is online training, allowing you to learn in short bursts when it suits you, at a fraction of the cost of traditional training.


Participants can take lessons when it suits them. Any time, any date. For some this will mean taking a lesson during lunch, in an airport lounge, or during a set time each day. Our platform supports mobile and tablet learning, meaning there are great opportunities to be productive during the daily commute on the train or waiting for a sales meeting.


Online workshops are designed to give short bursts of theory, examples, and activities, which allow you to take the skill and practise in the real world to build fluency before moving on to the next learning burst in the next lesson. The courses are designed to bring all the pieces together.


some of the methods and skills we deploy are very niche in their application, too niche to get enough people in the right place at the right time to have a dedicated workshop. Thanks to the global access described above we are building more and more courses to share these niche skills with you. If you have a specific area you need help with, contact us to discuss developing a workshop to cater to it.


We run workshops in 7 major cities globally, however if you are not in those cities and travel is not an option for whatever reason, you can still participate and learn


The leverage of these courses allows us to bring them to you at significantly lower prices than our traditional workshops. The trade-off is support is limited to online FAQ & Forums. Technical support will be provided for all users.


We have customers in many countries over the globe speaking numerous languages. In the future, translated versions of our online workshops will allow you to learn in your native language. If a workshop is not available in the language you prefer, please contact us.


ViAGO International has been in the consulting business for many years, in that time discovering and developing many tools and methodologies which have proved very successful for our clients.

Our online learning materials have been developed to share those tools and methodologies with more people more quickly. The lessons have been designed to maximise the understanding of the theory and to build fluency to a level where participants can deploy effectively and immediately.

Below is an outline of the structure deployed.


A lessons is the core building block of all of our online learning. A lesson is a distinct learning unit where a participant will learn through theory content and simple examples, read about real-world application of the material, complete exercises both with-in and after the lesson to develop the subject, and finally complete a test to confirm understanding of the subject.


A course is structured to teach a single methodology, skill, or tool. To achieve this a course will contain a collection of lessons, varying from one to many, depending on the complexity of the subject. Completing all lessons in the course will give the participant the knowledge and confidence to deploy the methodology, skill, or tool in a valuable way as well as continue to build their fluency in it.


A curriculum is a collection of courses which share a subject space such as sales or collaboration. In these subject spaces there are often a number of stand-alone tools or methods which can be implemented together to increase value. A curriculum will tend to be comprised of a couple of major skills (multiple lesson courses) and a couple of minor skills (single lesson courses).


business woman using mobile, virtual screen, online training

In today’s competitive marketplace, people are our biggest asset and also our biggest expense. There is a need more than ever to have people who are more effective and capable than our competition. We also expect staff to be more self supportive and require less and less management supervision.

However we aren’t always so good at providing people the skills and tools they need to accomplish the outcomes we want. We know that up-skilling is important but its hard to find or justify the time and cost. Online training is both time and cost effective, making it much more accessible than traditional training to people at all levels of the organisation. Consider the cost of a course against the salary of someone, it’s not hard to make a positive ROI.

We have all been to those training course where we walk away thinking “that was interesting but I have no idea what to do now with it”. The ViAGO Online courses teach distinct tools and methods which people can actually apply to their work right away. As they deploy what they have learnt their skill will increase and so will the value to the organisation.


Head on over to our Fluency Portal website to check out the range of courses available.

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