Projects are: “executing a plan to deliver a commercial outcome”.

Projects can include guaranteed and unguaranteed outcomes, and typically deliver very clear commercial outcomes.

With projects, we are the pilot and you are the co-pilot; we are making decisions (within the project scope) and control the deployment of resources and outcomes. You can “take the controls” at any time, of course, however you prefer not to; you are paying us for our fluency and expertise.

Projects are strongly focused on deliverable outcomes.

The first step in any project is the planning phase:

  • Outcomes required and desired
  • Current reality: what must the project change?
  • Future reality: what does DONE look like?
  • Change process: how do we cause the changes?
  • Planning and timeframes
  • Resourcing and accountabilities

The thorough planning of a project reduces risk and accelerates execution.

Once this phase is complete, the project begins.

Typically, ViAGO will field a project team (3-5 consultants) and may involve other clients to support your project with their experiences and stories about similar changes they have made; this reduces your risk and accelerates acceptance by your team, that others have shared their concerns and come out on top.

Your internal project team will report to the ViAGO Project Manager (for project tasks), and will be accountable to you for their progress.

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You can be sure your ViAGO Consultant is a clear, logical, cause-and-effect thinker; all ViAGO Consultants are graduates of the Black Belt in Thinking Boot Camp (and some are 2nd or 3rd degree graduates).

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