The Boot Camp delivers these outcomes:

  • To learn the Thinking Processes and the behaviour shaping Performance Management tools
  • To align the efforts and effects of the functional areas of your organisation
  • To develop a solution for a subject area, for which no generic solution already exists

*Plus any personal or business objectives which you’ve clarified with your presenters.

It’s a live-in, all-inclusive Boot Camp, at a mountain retreat, with nowhere else to go and nothing else to do… learn, eat, and sleep. That’s it.

Think faster, communicate more clearly and solve more complex problems with simpler solutions.

Black Belt in Thinking Boot Camp Graduates are expected to implement powerful business solutions, within 90 days, which far outweigh the time and money invested in the boot camp.

If you’ve been sent to this site by a Black Belt in Thinking Boot Camp Graduate, then you already know what’s possible…

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In the WPW you will explore the topic of ‘managing workflow effectively’ using a workflow simulator.

To begin the workshop, you will investigate and test the theory surrounding the topic of ‘why is it so difficult to manage the flow of work’. Through this investigation you will drill down into the core issues inhibiting productivity as well as understand how variability, both internal and external, intensifies the problem.
Once the problem is clearly understood you will cover the theory of how to overcome the problem and test implementation methodology of the theory.
The WPW is the first step towards creating the following effects in your business:

• Increased throughput
• Increased visibility
• Increased responsiveness to market demand
• Decreased operating expenses
• Improved on time delivery
• Improved product mix and ‘profitable product’ decisions

Ultimately the WPW will leave you with new and different ways to improve business productivity.

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Sales is a dark art. The top salespeople are a force unto themselves, the kind of force that cannot be quantified or taught.

Research and our experience says otherwise.

Sales is indeed an art, and great artists were and are taught great techniques from which to build on to their own success.

The Sales Craft Workshop aligns with this concept and uses the science that proves what works as a guide of ‘hands on’ tools salespeople can use in the field immediately following the workshop.

The format drives this approach where each tool is initially discussed in theory then applied in exercises to cement the tool and rapidly build fluency. Over the two days you will learn tools for:

  • Systematically building trust
  • Navigating conflict and moving to collaboration
  • Matching the buyer’s ‘layer’ to flow smoothly through the sales cycle
  • Drawing out the true problems and pain points driving the buyers negative symptoms, and more…

The workshop includes a 12 week follow up course with weekly activity to keep you or your people building rapid skill in the tools and developing immediate results from using the tools in live sales.

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