Gain control of your workflow rather than let it control you. Be proactive rather than reactive. Get some visibility rather than being kept in the dark. Make decisions rather than have them made for you. A workflow productivity project puts you back in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing work and resources.

Increases in:
  • Due date performance
  • Visibility
  • Effective load sharing
  • Visible excess capacity
  • Intra and inter team communication
  • Staff self management
Decreases in:
  • Lead Time
  • Surging
  • Stress on management and staff
  • Overtime
  • Firefighting
  • Things ‘falling through the cracks’

We work with you to install a system to better manage your workflow and improve your productivity. When we say system, we don’t mean software. We mean changing and systematising the way you manage your work and resources. This can mean changes to some or all of the following:

  • Work distribution and assignment
  • Workforce structure and responsibilities
  • Rules and polices (formal and informal) which create waste
  • Measures and KPIs which promote unproductive behaviours

Workflow productivity isn’t something you implement once and forget about. Productivity is a journey There is always another step forward you can take. What you will get from the project is a jump in performance and a stable system from which you can build.


Most organisations who embark on a workflow project with us because they suffer from many of the following problems:

  • Poor productivity
  • Poor workflow visibility
  • Excessive surging
  • Uneven distribution of work
  • Too many process variations
  • Problems are discovered too late
  • Everyone is always busy all the time
  • Process improvement feels like guesswork
  • Too much firefighting
  • Excess overtime

Many businesses from many industries have worked with us to implement the systems and principles needed to improve their workflow management. Many more have self-implemented the above after attending our training workshops. Here are a couple of those businesses with links to their stories..

NAVIA Logistics
(Freight Forwarding)

Navia undertook a workflow productivity project to improve the visibility and productivity of their operational departments managing the import and export of goods.

In this industry job numbers are high, but jobs are small in size and only worked on for a few minutes at a time. To make matters worse there are often short deadlines and many external parties who impact the timing of work. This makes gaining visibility difficult and planning more time and effort than it is worth.

After implementation the change in visibility is as clear as day & night. Navia now have a platform which allows them to continually build on their success in a structured and deliberate way.

G W Scott & Associates

GW Scott & Associates undertook a workflow productivity project to reduce reliance on the owner and empower management and staff.

In this industry, billable hours is the only KPI that really matters and therefore efficiency is king. Inevitably this tends to lead to what are seen as annoying but bearable side effects such as high work in progress and poor visibility. Both of which are very understated productivity killers, their impact hard to measure.

After implementing the owner was able to take a nine month trip with his family while the business managed itself. Years later the system continues to give the control and visibility needed to support continuous improvement of the business.


If like most people, you want to do a bit more of your own research there are a few enjoyable books which introduce some of the key concepts of a project (don’t get caught up with the industry setting, the concepts apply to all situations where a series of tasks must be completed by a number of different people/resources).

  • The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox
  • The Pheonix Project by Kevin Behr, George Spafford, and Gene Kim
  • Pride and Joy by Alex Knight

If you prefer to do things yourself in your own timeframe, you may be interested in the Workflow Productivity Workshop. Here you will learn many of the key concepts we deploy on a project, which you can take back to the business and implement as you see fit. Details can be found here.

If you want to make a more conservative commitment to making a change, why not start with an analysis phase. During this a consultant will spend a couple of days with you looking for the major productivity killers in your business and suggesting ways to address them. Get in touch to find out more.

If you want to get started ASAP or just want to talk the idea through with another human being then give us a call for a no obligation chat or drop us an email with any question you may have.