Peter Thorby

Peter is a Chartered Accountant in Public Practice in Christchurch.

Peter commenced practice in 1988. He has a fond interest in manufacturing, and was the CEO of the family furniture business, Debonaire Products Limited from 1995 to 2003. At its height, Debonaire employed 100 people in Waimate, a small rural South Island town.

It was in this environment that Peter gained insights and knowledge with business management, in particular, workflow management. Much of this knowledge was gained when Debonaire employed ViAGO Limited to assist with workflow practices and behaviours.

Outcomes such as a halving of WIP, a reduction of inventory of 33%, internal lead times reduced by 75%, and all within 3-6 months made Peter sit up and take notice.

In 2014, a new company was established, ViAGO International Limited, and Peter is a director and shareholder.

Peter has a strong interest in classic motorsport, and is the treasurer of The Canterbury Car Club, a very significant provider of motorsport infrastructure in Canterbury.