ViAGO International is a WiseService Partner that specialises in workflow productivity. Our productivity solutions increase teamwork, inter-team and inter-branch co-operation, job efficiency, and create workforce flexibility. We deliver this through the Productivity Acceleration and Visualization Engine (PAVE); an innovative workflow management tool, within CargoWise One platform.

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Navia Logistics

In conjunction with ViAGO and OrangeLime Consulting we implemented the CargoWiseOne Productivity Suite and TOC throughout the business. Thus far results have been very positive and we have seen a lot of our initial pain points disappear or substantially reduced. We see this as a new foundation to build on though so the journey does not end with the initial solution. The initial solution is what will allow us to evolve… Read More

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Mainfreight Air & Ocean Australia

“Like most freight forwarders Mainfreight has always sought out ways to improve the efficiency of our operations. This is a continuing process that will never end. However we can often fall into making process changes on the fly because of a shipment being missed or a service failure that should not have happened.” Read More…

Logfret International Logistics

Logfret International Logistics discusses the benefits their company has seen since adopting WiseTech Global’s Productivity Suite.

This implementation was the first of its kind, a result of successful collaboration between ViAGO International and OrangeLime Consulting.