Peter Cronin

Peter is Director of ViAGO International’s Australian operations and a Black Belt in Thinking Presenter.

“I am endlessly fascinated by the innovative ways people create real solutions to ‘unbreakable’ business problems thought in the Black Belt in Thinking course.”

If you have met Peter you can confirm he is the most excited member of the team. He attributes this to his experience with implementing fast process changes that stick. The secret is applying behavioural psychology to make the new process more reinforcing for users than the old way.

Peter has been a part of the team for six year since conducting a ViAGO sponsored research report while completing his Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours at the University of Waikato. Upon graduating he grew an understanding of real-world business through interviewing over 150 business owners and managers.

ViAGO’s rapid install and focused training approach has given Peter many exceptional deployment and change experiences in a short space of time.