About us

ViAGO specialises in workflow productivity. Our productivity solutions increase teamwork, inter-team and inter-branch co-operation, job efficiency, and create workforce flexibility.

We deliver this through visualising the workflows in real time, advanced job routing, and controlled escalation procedures to prevent fires before they start.

For over 20 years we have been implementing workflow productivity solutions in many industries. Our consultants are experts in the analysis, solution, planning, and implementation processes.

Combining our workflow productivity experience with our consulting processes we implement fast and reliable change projects.

We also provide education and training in both our workflow productivity and consulting processes. Training can be completed in a classroom environment or through online workshops.

Passionate about business

ViAGO consultants are enthusiastic business people. We love business, we love performance, and we love freedom.

We believe that a business on autopilot sets you free. And a business on autopilot needs good systems.

High standards

We set high standards, for each other and for our business partners and associates.

We prioritise: mission – team – individual. If anything, we do doesn’t meet, or exceed, our collective high expectations, the team will swarm in to make good.

If a client mission is under threat, it’s all hands on deck to sort it out.


Sometimes in business and in life, things just don’t go to plan. It happens.

ViAGO people don’t like to see, or participate in failure; when the going gets tough, we get persistent, and we get creative.

Those are two words our clients often use to describe us. We don’t give up, we like to win and we like you to win.


All ViAGO consultants are trained and certified in the Black Belt in Thinking problem-solving tool set.
To find out more please visit https://blackbeltinthinking.com/

Meet the Executive Team

Peter Cronin


Peter is Director of ViAGO's Australian operations and a Black Belt in Thinking Presenter.

Mirta Fagundes dos Santos

Mirta Fagundes dos Santos

Mirta is a Director and a Learning & Development Business Partner.

Ben Gorringe

Ben Gorringe

Ben is a Director and Senior Consultant.

Peter Thorby

Peter Thorby

Peter is a Chartered Accountant in Public Practice in Christchurch.

Bryce England

Bryce England

Bryce England is a Director and Content Master at ViAGO.