Case studies

NAVIA Logistics

In conjunction with ViAGO and OrangeLime Consulting, Navia implemented CargoWise One productivity tools and TOC throughout the business.

Thus far results have been very positive and we have seen a lot of our initial pain points disappear or substantially reduced.


“Mainfreight has always sought out ways to improve the efficiency of our operations.

This is a continuing process that will never end.

However, we can often fall into making process changes on the fly because of a shipment being missed or a service failure that should not have happened.”

RockWare Technology

RockWare was growing very quickly. At the point at which we started working with them, they were hiring a new developer every week.

RockWare looked at where their trajectory was headed, and wanted to implement a solution to avoid hiring one person for every person’s worth of productivity they had.

Diamond Data Systems

There was a desire for Diamond Data Systems to become the exemplar of PAVE for all the new acquisitions

ViAGO was tasked with the implementation of PAVE into the Diamond Data Systems business environment as ViAGO are known for implementing such solutions quickly and effectively.