ViAGO helps businesses achieve their 5 year goals in 2-3 years by implementing processes that create workforce flexibility, increase job efficiencies, improve inter-team communication, enable managers to have more visibility for decision making and ensure people are working on the best possible job they could be working on today!

We don’t teach people to do their job better!

Case Studies

NAVIA Logistics

In conjunction with ViAGO and OrangeLime Consulting we implemented CargoWise One productivity tools and TOC throughout the business. Thus far results have been very positive and we have seen a lot of our initial pain points disappear or substantially reduced. We see this as a new foundation to build on though so the journey does not end with the initial solution. The initial solution is what will allow us to evolve… Read More


“Like most freight forwarders Mainfreight has always sought out ways to improve the efficiency of our operations. This is a continuing process that will never end. However we can often fall into making process changes on the fly because of a shipment being missed or a service failure that should not have happened.” Read More…

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Recent Blog Posts

Productivity Journey Reference Guide

Increasing productivity and achieving more from existing resources is a challenge every Business Manager faces and will be addressed in this Productivity Journey Reference Guide.


What all businesses should know about the 9 Phases of Productivity

Businesses develop and mature, similarly to the concept of a child growing up. As a business matures it is able to achieve new heights in productivity, the people in the business gain additional experience and find new ways to leverage their time.

Where is your company placed on the Productivity Maturity Model?

Some businesses achieve higher levels of productivity by automating data entry first across departments, then branches, and finally up and down their supply chains.


Why work with ViAGO?

Clients make use of ViAGO primarily on transformational project for the following three reasons:

  1. They perceive the risk from doing it themselves to be uncomfortably high
  2. They have concerns about the completeness of the changes
  3. They are bothered by the time to benefit of their project
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ViAGO and its TOC implementation has been the greatest achievement for the Mackies Group of Companies, in the modern era of its 60 year history.”

Jeremy Woolcock - MD Mackies Group of Companies