Making the world a smarter place

There is a way to improve
continuously — without incurring
the chaos and indecision
that so often accompanies
high-speed growth.

We train teams and businesses in practical leadership skills. Our programs enhance people’s real-world decision-making and critical thinking skills, while teams gain a common language for communicating and solving problems. All this means less upward delegation and firefighting and more getting on with business.

We’re not here to teach people to do their job better

Instead, we create whole-system alignment, improve inter-team communication, and give everyone a common language for decision making and problem solving that controls risk and supports growth.

We deliver this through visualising problems and solutions in cause and effect. Simplifying seemingly complex business challenges, and sorting the facts from the noise.

That’s how you ensure your people are — at any one point — making the right decisions and working on the things that will deliver the greatest possible return.


Black Belt in Thinking - BBIT

Instead of taking action that gets you closer to your goals, are you and your team held back by overthinking decisions, ambiguous problems, and unclear communication, leading to:

  • constant interruptions
  • task-switching due to competing priorities
  • firefighting and upward delegation

This training program introduces logical thinking processes — a first-principles way to generate breakthrough solutions. This management and leadership course develops practical skills that enable you to think critically yet quickly — allowing you to more rapidly develop innovative solutions to even the most intractable problems.