Scale without losing the magic

There is a way to scale
rapidly — without incurring
the chaos and indecision
that so often accompanies
high-speed growth.

Organisations we work with develop processes and decision-making techniques that make performance acceleration not just possible, but inevitable.

Crucially, our methods let you continue to leverage the focus that you’ve always benefitted from as a smaller team.

And that means less two steps forward, one step back.

We’re not here to teach people to do their job better

Instead, we create workforce flexibility, increase job efficiencies, improve inter-team communication, and give management greater visibility for better decision-making, scheduling and deployment that controls risk and has greater potential for growth.

We deliver this through visualising the workflows in real time, advanced job routing, and controlled escalation procedures that prevent fires before they start.

That’s how you ensure your people are — right now — working on the tasks that will deliver the greatest possible return.


Getting up to Pace

Sprints and SCRUM are sucking the effectiveness from Agile software development. The symptoms are everywhere in your team:

  • bugfix backlogs
  • overloaded devs
  • trouble hitting production goals

This one-day workshop introduces Pace — a new way to leverage the enormous strengths of Agile. Discover 12 radical, counterintuitive rules and a set of decision-making tools that will bring planning and scheduling under control, and allow you to increase output without sacrificing code quality.

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The Pace Solution Design Workshop

A Pace Solution Design Workshop (SDW) is an intensive workshop facilitated by Peter Cronin—the thought leader behind Pace.

Peter will work with you and your team to develop a plan to reboot your software development plan and deploy new releases at a faster rate with fewer risks and greater potential for growth.