Navia Logistics

Who is Navia Logistics.

Navia Logistics Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated Logistics Service Provider.

Navia builds better international supply chains with a focus on exceptions and constraints. By developing and deploying proprietary technology that provides cutting-edge, real-time information shipping and logistics transparency, Navia delivers customers exception-free freight flows.

The challenge.

Navia faced several concurrent challenges.
Management wanted to ensure a fair distribution of work while having the ability to cover staff on leave. They wanted to ensure staff were consistently following SOPs and sticking to company priorities.
They also needed to find novel ways to use apply technology to improve customer service — increasing work (output) while maintaining staff numbers more or less stable.

Actions and results.

Within 6 months, half of Navia’s entire operation (across four offices) was using new processes.

“In conjunction with ViAGO and OrangeLime Consulting we implemented CargoWise One productivity tools and TOC (Theory of Constraints) throughout the business. Thus far results have been very positive and we have seen a lot of our initial pain points disappear or substantially reduced.

We see this as a new foundation to build on though so the journey does not end with the initial solution. The initial solution is what will allow us to evolve.” Brendan Borg, CIO.