Agile In Practice: How to Increase Your Dev Team’s Sprint Performance

Is your software development team running sprints to plan, complete, and review deliverable work? The introduction of Agile practices and principles in the software development industry created a massive shift in the way software development was managed. This resulted in the ability for faster release of products to market and better market fit. If you’re […]

Agile in Practice: Kanban

3 Tips to increase Workflow visibility (and reduce meetings) in Agile Software Teams So, you’re probably already using Kanban boards or some other type of system that allows you to visualise work, limit the work in progress, and maximise the flow of work (efficiency) through your team. The team knows what work needs to be […]

Agile In Practice: How Does Sprint Length Impact Workflow?

How long should a sprint be? Many, if not all, software development teams who are using the Scrum framework to implement Agile principles, will have asked this question. While sprints are limited to one month (4 weeks) under the Scrum framework, there’s no set length for a sprint. There are pros and cons of short […]

Software Development 101: Pace

Pace is an approach to software development that has emerged as a solution to the negative side effects of the Agile approach. It’s not a radically, out-of-nowhere, different approach from Agile. Rather, it’s much like the previous ‘evolutions’ of methodologies in the software engineering industry, where it seeks to address unresolved challenges.   A Brief […]

Software Development 101: Pros and Cons of Agile

The use of the Agile methodology has rapidly grown in popularity, largely replacing the use of Waterfall in the software industry. The Agile principles stated in the Agile Manifesto favour a more iterative and incremental approach to software development that is more… well, agile, and adaptive than the traditional Waterfall approach. The use of these Agile principles to […]

Software Development 101: What is the Waterfall Software Development Process

The Waterfall Software Development Process is a linear, sequential approach to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It is often referred to as the traditional approach, as it was the first established approach to software development. Over the years, Agile has surpassed Waterfall in terms of popularity, however, Waterfall is not dead. Let’s look at some common […]

Software Development 101: Waterfall vs Agile

While Agile has largely replaced Waterfall as the most popular, most used software development approach, that doesn’t mean that Waterfall isn’t, or shouldn’t be, used anymore. Waterfall was originally so popular because it was better than essentially using no project management at all. Before the creation of Waterfall, all large projects were executed like heavy infrastructure-based […]

Software Development 101: How did Waterfall software development come about?

The Waterfall model was believed to be the first software development process model to be introduced to the software engineering industry. This belief is supported by the timeline of events surrounding the emergence of the Waterfall model – The term ‘software engineering’ was coined in 1965 by Margaret Hamilton, a developer at NASA, only five years before […]

Software Development 101: How did Agile software development come about?

The Agile approach to software development emerged in the 1990’s as a result of the increased usage of software by businesses, and eventually end-users. The software development processes being used before this time, while adequate for large infrastructure projects, were inadequate for developing commercial software which contained much more variation to specifications. What Existed Before Agile? Originally, […]

Software Development 101: Is Waterfall Project Management Dead

It’s very easy to jump to conclusions and say, “Yes, Waterfall is dead!” But if you take a step back, it’s not so simple. It’s not difficult to see why many people think the Waterfall approach is dead. Waterfall has been vastly overtaken in popularity by Agile; all the conversations in the software space are about ‘doing […]