Scaling performance requires a new approach: Pace.

Pace consists of 12 radical and counterintuitive rules and a set of decision-making tools.

Together they let you:

Generate rapid flow.

A revolutionary, high-speed software development approach that builds on the central tenets of Agile and enables software teams to develop continuously.

Leverage rapid growth.

A simple decision-making toolset that product managers and team leaders use to make sharp decisions that harness growth, even when confronted by imperfect information.

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The Pace Solution Design Workshop

A Solution Design Workshop is the fastest way to map Pace onto your own organisation, providing a blueprint to turn your software development pipeline into a highly efficient machine with greater growth potential.

The two-day workshop is facilitated by us, and attended by you and your senior team. Together with your management team we will build a plan to reengineer your software development process, deploying with fewer risks, increased quality, and greater speed.

It is designed to answer the two most critical questions you are likely to have about Pace:

  • What will the end-state be? (ie: how should your software development process be designed, resourced and managed?)
  • How will we get there? (how can we make the transition without damaging team performance, losing people or taking unacceptable risks)?

It consists of an outcomes document (a comprehensive written summary of the conclusions we reach in the workshop) and a formal presentation of findings meeting.

Additionally, the process is designed to bring your senior team into alignment around this important initiative (they are far more likely to get excited about executing a plan that they have built).

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The Pace Implementation Project

The Pace implementation project takes the plan developed in the Solution Design Workshop and puts it into practice. In doing so, build all the critical infrastructure needed for a fast and safe transition to Pace.

Our consultants will take care of all the mechanics and build a comprehensively resourced and scalable process based on the principles of Pace, so your team can get on with the tasks that will deliver the greatest possible returns.

Because our consultants understand the inherent principles of Pace, they can quickly adapt to team feedback as it arises and build robust processes that encourage team adoption to make sure the agreed solution is fully implemented—and then stays that way!

Choose an implementation approach that suits your business

Some companies choose for our Pace consultant to work hands-on in their business as an extension to the management team, overseeing and implementing key change initiatives in real time, for fast results and immediate gains.

Others prefer to partner with us longer term in a more traditional consulting capacity to ensure the seamless adoption of Pace throughout the various stages of growth.

Neither are locked into contracts, and both get access to the expertise within the entire ViAGO team implementing change management, training, decision making, and strategic planning processes.

The three phases of a Pace Implementation Project

Phase One: Scope

We will work with you to map out the project and identify any obstacles that will slow us down during the rapid install. We work with you to clear pre-requisites and ensure the team is comfortable and ready for change.

Phase Two: Install

The install is the big event, where we migrate the team from its current methodology to working at Pace. Your Pace consultant will take personal responsibility for the roll-out of new processes and changes in team behaviour to support the new way of development scheduling and task workflows.

This includes everything from understanding the impact Pace has on individual roles to identifying and rectifying long-term disincentives that may inhibit change.

At the end of the install everything for your development team will be different!

Phase Three: Ongoing implementation

Now that the team is working at Pace, we will provide ongoing Pace support to ensure your team doesn’t fall back into bad habits.

Your Pace consultant will work with your to further tune the solution to get more and more from it. This phase is where we really ramp up the strategic and thinking tools to align decisions with the strategic goals of your organisation.

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